Gcas.biz Human Resources and Payroll Service

Clients with satellite offices in different jurisdictions would need assistance in recruitment, hiring and payroll.

We offer assistance in these areas in Hong Kong, PRC and Taiwan.

Clients request us to advertise for them and perform first interviews to see if there could be a fit to the client culture. From time to time, work visa applications and ESOP design services are required from us. We also offer taxation and social benefits advisory services before hiring and payroll and annual leave maintenance services after the staff is on board.

Gcas.biz Business Consulting

Are you attuned to what your customers want?

Very often, we lose sight of what and who are customers are. Knowing and understanding the client profile is the only way to success and sustain success.

In the business world, change is the only constant so we have to keep monitoring the change in customers’ needs. We are here to help you to observe, to realise, to reinvent your work process with the focus of meeting your customers’ changing needs.

We help you to step back and develop insights into your business. What really makes it tick? How to maintain customer loyalty?

The usual consulting deliverables are strategy and various suggested options of implementation. With GCAS, we go one step further, we help you to implement. We actually provide mentoring service to help you to plan the project, to analyze and make the best use of available resources, assist with marketing strategy and to execute recommendations for the new service or product development and eventual release.

Gcas.biz Mergers, Acquisitions and Exits

Do you want to expand by acquisition?

As as business grows, there are needs to merge or acquire business for synergy. We assist clients with valuations of business and negotiations with the target companies. The transactions involve dealing with customers, staff, banks and we guide with experience and heart.

Do you want to find a way for your business to exit?

At the right time, owners also seek exits to reap from the harvesting their business. We are also there to help to work with buyers be they SME or MNC or PE funds.

We aim to provide solutions that are tailor-made for client demands. Our approach has proven success across different growth stages. We provide hands-on experience to work out a way to successful solution for your firm.